Seattle Sewer Inspection

Are you Buying A Home? Are You Selling Your Home?

Get a revolutionary sewer line inspection done today to check the condition of your sewerage pipes. Our Seattle sewer inspection team are equipped with sewer camera inspection equipment to accurately view the inside of your sewer line. With a clear color camera view, you can accurately determine if you have clean sewer pipes or perhaps maintenance or repair is needed. In real time we can walk the client through every inch of the pipes and with a sewer scope DVD you are able to have the condition of the sewer inspection on file or for a repair technician to view.
Emerald City Sewer Inspection offers you the revolutionary service of sewer camera inspection. No longer do you have to fear the condition of your sewer pipe and what future problems may arise. With the use of a video camera we travel through your sewer pipe to precisely determine its condition. The equipment that makes this possible is a flexible rod connected to a high resolution camera which transmits images from below to a monitor above.

Emerald City Sewer Inspection gives you an unbiased evaluation of your sewer line. This is a compliment to a home inspection and comes highly recommended.

Not only do we do sewer inspection in Seattle, but we also serve the Puget sound area
from Auburn to Anacortes, Seattle to Issaquah.  7 days a week, even some holidays!
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