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sewer inspection camera on CCTV live feed

Have a potential buyer or seller that needs a sewer inspection?

Schedule a sewer inspection before its listed for the same price!

I’m Anthony at Emerald City Sewer Inspection. I have the camera equipment that will accurately see the condition of the side sewer.

Whether its Clay, Concrete, ABS, PVC, Cast Iron, Galvanized, or Poly pipe, the camera has a clear image of the condition during a sewer inspection.

What some homeowners don’t realize is that they are responsible for any problems in their sewer system from the house all the way to the main sewer connection.

But knowing the condition before the offer is reviewed can give opportunity for a mutual agreement to split the cost of the sewer repair (if any) or suggest the seller pay for it before closing.

Another aspect of the sewer inspections in Seattle or anywhere else is I can pinpoint the problem area in your sewer line if there is one. I have a locating wand that will target the problem area and I will mark the area in case excavation is needed. Saving the buyer and seller time and money when it comes to a repair. This also aids the repair technician, saving them lots of time as well.

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